About Me

Doctor by day, programmer pretty much all the rest of the time. I first started programming towards the end of my medical degree in 2017/18, at which time it was a choice between acknowledging the reality of upcoming medical student finals or working on different employable skill, in case it all went to pot. Happily, it didn’t, and nowadays I spend my time trying to balance the two together.

My primary language is Python. After a brief foray into Javascript on Codecadamy, which nearly frightened me right off, I came across Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart. Such was the elegance and clarity of Python, that I was hooked at once and began working on a myriad of slightly useless, but interesting nonetheless, projects to develop my skills.

More recently, I’ve been reintroduced to Javascript in its much improved (in my opinion…) ES6 guise, particularly in the context of React web framework. By late 2019, I then became interested in Rust. Struck by its speed and novel features, to me it is the perfect low-level, statically-typed complement to the high-level do-it-all Python.

I intend to use this site to write up some of my projects and potentially my general musings on other topics from time to time.